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Becoming a True Warrior

Published in Optimyz Magazine

Only by facing your own challenges and even pain can you find the path that is right for you.

​Being a warrior means to be brave, experienced, a fighter. So how do we become warriors; and better yet, how do we become true warriors within ourselves? Well, for starters, we must be brave through our experiences in order to learn who we are.

By sharing my own experiences, I am reaching out to others battling with heartache, societal pressures, anxiety, and fear to provide light, hope and love at the end of their unknown tunnel.

I was motivated from a young age. Until the age of 16, I was one of the shortest, weakest girls in my age group. Despite these physical disadvantages, I was determined to train hard and push through anything to make it to the top of every coach’s roster. I persevered and by age of 25 had purchased investment properties, started businesses, written for fitness magazines, instructed fitness DVD’s, appeared on TV and become a dual Pro Fitness/Bikini Athlete. Pretty amazing, right?

Yet years of societal and industry pressures of having to look, act and be a certain way caught up with me. I masked my built-up anxiety with overtraining, dieting, working 16 hour days and responding to clients 24/7. This vicious cycle motivated my clients, but left me without passion, motivation, energy or even love for myself and others. How could I expect love when I didn’t love myself?

My world began crumbling—relationships, business, family, and health. By the end of most days, I had lost even the ability to move. I hit my “rock bottom” of physical, mental and emotional pain. I was embarrassed by my struggles and began to use the “push through” attitude to hide my discomfort. I felt I needed to be the happy, energetic one, the Kasia everyone needed and loved. Unfortunately, at the end of day, I was wasting away inside. I spent years building my career, yet struggled to follow my own example.

The only thing I had left was “True Mentality," and "Body Movement Therapeutics" (now known as The Clinic Health and Wellness), the company I built to help others reach their fitness, nutrition and overall goals by encouraging the right mindset. Little did our members know that at this very dark point in my life I was kept going by reading every message they sent to inspire others through what we teach at True Mentality.

I knew quitting was not an option. How could I give up on myself when my team never gave up? I realized hitting rock bottom was not the end of my story, but only the beginning. I needed to lose it all in order to regain myself. It wasn’t until I decided “enough was enough” that I had the courage to make the changes I needed to in my life.
Life is an adventure and only you can decide how to live your life. Yes, at times it is a battle and you will struggle and may even completely lose yourself—as I did. So, my advice is not to let this crazy world change you. Decide right now to face your pain, reach out to others for guidance and begin doing what makes you happy. Then you will begin to see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel. Use your childlike ambition to work through it and I guarantee your light will become brighter. Be patient, believe in yourself and be who you are. Let your true self shine through and the rest will come naturally and beautifully.
My experience has not only shaped who I am, but ultimately allowed me to love myself and become a true warrior inside.

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