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Your Host, 

Kasia Sitarz

THRISE Podcast is a place to get inspired and, to be transformed by the renewing of your heart and mind. A place to step in to who you are meant to be- a bright, spirited, loving, kind, powerful human-being. 

Kasia Sitarz is the owner of The Clinic Health and Wellness, a fitness expert, mindset and heart connection coach (HeartMath), owner of True Mentality Inc, author, and TV personal.  


Over the years, as an athlete myself, I have been through injuries and hard lessons of life. My passion is to use these experiences and open this space up to those eager in putting in the effort to better their lives through; fitness, nutrition, wellness, mindset, adventure, faith, family, and heart- connection.

Reaching optional health is a journey and a process. The body is like an onion with many layers to it. Defining what the journey looks like is up to you. We all begin somewhere. Together, lets become and BE a #thriser.

To learn more about my journey, keep reading below

(an article I wrote for Optimyz Magazine.)

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